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Ultrasound Therapy

Since the 1950s, therapeutic ultrasound has been used as a treatment technique, and it is still a popular treatment for a variety of clinical problems.

At the cellular level, ultrasound promotes healing and reduces inflammation. 

During ultrasound therapy, an ultrasound head is moved over the affected area (using specialised gel).

Because ultrasound is a painless treatment, you will most likely feel nothing except a slight warming sensation or tingling around the area being treated while receiving an ultrasound treatment.

 Ultrasound can help with phonophoresis. This treatment is a non-invasive method of administering medications to tissues beneath the skin; it is ideal for patients who are apprehensive about injections. The ultrasonic energy used in this technique forces the drug through the skin. One of the most commonly used substances delivered in this manner is cortisone, which is used to reduce inflammation.

Some common conditions that ultrasound can help treat include, but are not limited to:

-Frozen shoulder




-Muscle spasms


-Sprains, strains, and tears.


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