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  Valeria is a Chartered Physiotherapist she graduated in 2011 with a Bachelor's Degree in Physiotherapy.
She has over ten years of patient care experience. Her speciality is treating patients with musculoskeletal conditions, and she is passionate about Body Biomechanics Movement, with the ability to identify and resolve the underlying cause of the problem. Valeria is also a member of ACPOHE supporting the Occupational Health field, where she continues to treat and support people with musculoskeletal injuries related to their work. Helping them to return to work while providing ongoing appropriate support and advice to keep everyone active and healthy at their workplace.
,, Since qualifying as a physiotherapist, my drive has been to assist and support people in regaining hope in achieving their goals. As a physiotherapist, I devote my time to continuous study and development in the treatment of patients, with evidence of continuous study,"
She enjoys mountain biking, road cycling, pilates, and keeping active with weekly gym training and daily walks with her dog. She enjoys looking after her dog Max, who is a very active coker spaniel.
Valeria is a lovely, kind, and welcoming character who encourages everyone to take the next step in their treatment and rehabilitation program.

Experienced Physiotherapist
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