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Back pain from sitting

The effect of sitting posture

Ankle sprain Ankle injury

"A bad habitual neck position characterised by hyperextension of the upper cervical vertebrae and forward translation of the cervical vertebrae," is what is meant by forward head posture.

Back pain from sitting

Reduced alveolar ventilation may result from FHP's impact on chest expansion and the respiratory muscles. According to Zafar et al., induced FHP has an immediate effect on respiratory function in healthy patients. They hypothesised that a momentary phrenic nerve entrapment might be to blame for this (i.e. the nerve which supplies the diaphragm). This entrapment reduces neuronal activity, which eventually causes the diaphragm to deteriorate.

According to Hodges et al., impaired diaphragm function results in core muscle instability, which can cause spinal instability among other systemic and musculoskeletal diseases.

The biomechanics of respiration are influenced by an FHP. It causes the lower thorax to compress and the upper thorax to expand. These modifications impair respiratory function.

"An increase in the forward curvature of the spine that is observed along the sagittal plane" is the definition of kyphosis.

Torticollis, or when the neck twists to one side, and FHP can both be responsible for it, with the latter causing the development of a secondary thoracic curve to make up for the flattening of the cervical spine curve. Normal breathing mechanics are hampered by altered cervicothoracic mobility because it reduces the strength and movement of the diaphragm.

In people who are slouched in a kyphotic posture, the ribs and pelvis approximate. The diaphragmatic movement can be impacted by this approximation since it can raise intra-abdominal pressure. This may result in:

-decrease in lung capacity

-a reduced rate of inspiration

-reduction in the imposed vital capacity

The diaphragm has an impact on:

The function of the oesophagus

digestive process

abdomen contents are massaged by peristaltic motions.

Blood pressure is one example of vascular function.

system of defence

The diaphragm promotes "fresh flow" and aids in vitamin and nutrient absorption, both of which are beneficial for immunity.


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