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Service Description

Your therapist will work with you to improve your overall quality of life by considering your physical, psychological, emotional, and social well-being. Health promotion, prevention, treatment/intervention, and rehabilitation are all areas where physiotherapy services are provided.


Your Physiotherapist is fully qualified and capable of the following:

-Conduct a comprehensive examination/assessment of the patient/client;

-Evaluate the findings of the examination/assessment in order to make clinical decisions about patients/clients

-Develop diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment plan;

-Consult patients/clients within their area of expertise and determine when they should be referred to another healthcare professional.

- Implement  physiotherapy intervention/treatment plan;

-Determine the outcomes of any interventions/treatments.

  Treatment options


Treatment is hugely reliant on the assessment findings and the potential contributing factors identified. The following techniques are frequently used:

-Joint manipulation or mobilization 

-Soft tissue massage/ Muscle Energy Techniques 

--Fascial release techniques

-Neural gliding techniques

-Taping techniques to improve joints stability and correct posture 

-Postural Correction

-Exercise and Rehab Therapy

-Strength and Conditioning Programmes

-Advice on ways to change movements and habits to reduce or eliminate pain such as during work or sports activities.

-Your treatment plan will be discussed at the time of your Initial Consultation. 

   Please note that during your initial assessment, you may be required to undress sufficiently for your physiotherapist to properly assess the area. Furthermore, it is often necessary to assess areas surrounding the primary source of a complaint. Please wear or bring along suitable clothing to assist in this matter.

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