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Chartered Physiotherapist

   Initial Consultation

  The majority of our clients come to us to assess and treat a specific problem, which could be muscular or bony-related, such as spinal pain - neck/mid back/lower back pain, a sports injury, or other joint pain.

     We also offer:

Free Consultation If you are struggling financially and simply want advice from a professional and skilled physiotherapist who will assist you in achieving your goals and supporting you in resolving the underlying cause of your pain, we offer a free consultation.

      Initial Assessment & Diagnosis

  The initial assessment is critical in understanding the history/presentation of a condition. You will be questioned about the injury as well as your overall health. A thorough examination of the injury site, as well as appropriate tests and movements, will be conducted, as will specific clinical assessments that will inform us of the likely pathology/issues. This will then be explained, and the appropriate treatment modalities will be presented and discussed with you. If appropriate and functional findings are agreed upon with you, a proposed treatment plan is outlined. Functional outcomes are the activities you want to be able to do, which can range from running a marathon to returning to a sport, going on a pre-planned activity vacation, to being able to manage stairs in your home.

The treatment plan is customized for you and your specific needs. This is updated on a regular basis during your treatment, depending on your progress. 

 Please note that during your initial assessment, you may be required to undress sufficiently for your physiotherapist to properly assess the area. Furthermore, it is often necessary to assess areas surrounding the primary source of a complaint. Please wear or bring along suitable clothing to assist in this matter.

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