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Service Description

Physiotherapy rehabilitation aims to improve patient function and well-being by reintegrating the patient into their preferred lifestyle activities, whether at home, work, or leisure. Rehabilitation should focus on changes to functional disability and lifestyle restrictions based on the patient's own functional improvement goals.

Rehabilitation can be used to recover from an injury or disease as well as to manage long-term conditions.

To fasten recovery, rehabilitation should begin as soon as possible. The programs with the most diverse components are likely to be the most effective.

It only takes 20 minutes of extra exercise per day rehabilitation setting to achieve:

 -Increased mobility and activity

-Shorter length of hospital stay

-Significantly improved life quality

The session will be reserved for patients who have previously received treatment from us or who require ongoing care for their conditions. This session is all about your condition and the continuation of your rehab program. Your therapist will be dedicated to assisting you by providing advice, encouragement, exercises, and education that are tailored to your specific needs.
We encourage you to come to our clinic as soon as possible to discuss and start your rehabilitation plan.

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