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  Thousands of people are helped by physiotherapists each year to recover from injuries.

  Physiotherapy has the potential to benefit people of all ages who have any medical condition, illness, or injury that limits their ability to move and function normally. Your physiotherapist will primarily plan the program based on your medical history and medical tests.

  A tailored therapy program can help each individual regain their previous level of functioning. This also allows people to encourage physical activity and healthy lifestyle changes. Physiotherapy is usually recommended by doctors at the first sign of the problem. 

  The physiotherapy program is thought to be a conservative approach to managing and resolving problems that limit an individual to complete their day-to-day living activities.

The physiotherapist is specially trained to understand the problem and resolve it with the appropriate plan and techniques.

The most common conditions we treat:

-Muscular pain 

-Joint pain and stiffness/ Arthritis

-Tennis elbow, Golfer's elbow 

-Knee pain/ Patellofemoral/ Iliotibial dysfunction/ Meniscus injury/ Ligaments injury

-Back pain/ Sciatica pain/ Disc injury/ spinal disorder pain

-Shoulder/ Rotator cuff/ Frozen shoulder/ Shoulder blade pain disorder

- Numbness/ Pins and needles 

-Wrist pain/ Tendonitis/ Inflammation/ Curple tunnel syndrome  

-Hip pain and Pelvis disorder/ Sacroiliac dysfunction/Bursitis

-Ankle/ Foot pain/ Plantar fasciitis/ Sprains/ Heel pain/ Achilles tendon pain 

-Headaches/ Temporomandibular pain 

-Postural correction 

-Whiplash injury

-Post-surgery rehabilitation.

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